My Experience

I have owned and operated my pet sitting business for over a decade. I have cared for hundreds of pets in hundreds of homes.

Just in my personal experience I have owned:

Dogs -- Currently own a 5 year old Weimaraner and a 3 year old English Springer Spaniel. I have previously owned 2 other Spring Spaniels, 3 Doberman Pinschers, 1 adopted Greyhound, 1 Cocker Spaniel, a Collie-mix and I fostered an Irish Setter for a short time.

Birds -- Parakeets, 2 now and 4-5 through the years.

Guinea Pigs -- 5-6 through the years.

Rabbits -- Various types, including 3 Dutch, who had 2 litters and 1 lop-eared.

Newts -- Had 3.

Gecko -- 1 Leopard Gecko.

Gerbils -- Previously have had several litters.

Turtles -- Box, Painted, and Sliders, and a really large (and often-times scary) large snapper!

Fish -- Previously had a fresh water aquarium, we now have a Koi/Goldfish pond.

Chicken -- Yes, a real egg-laying chicken. Her name was Butterball.


In short, you're not going to throw anything our way that we haven't seen and cared for numerous times before. We are highly experienced in our field.