Customer Testimonials

Cindy Pasky:

Carol and her team have looked after our family for over ten years.  She consistently brings three elements with her service: Professionalism, quality, and compassion.

Carol's Creature Care is licensed, bonded, and trained in pet emergency procedures.
Carol and her team keep track of every special, unique, even odd, task to be handled during visits.  There is no one we are more comfortable having in our home. And no one we trust more to take care of our family.  

Carol has been with us through good and bad.  Her dedication and support have extended the time we were able to have with one very special kitty; and one very special dog.  And her dedication and support helped to raised a well trained puppy in a high rise!

Along with professionalism and quality Carol and her team bring compassion.  A visit by "Aunt Carol" is anticipated and a happy time every single day.  She finds delight in the most challenging pet; and truly loves her charges and her job.
We are also happy to provide a reference for Carol.  Please don't hesitate to ask!

Ray and Kathy Bozman from New Boston:

From grateful customers of the past eight years:

Carol’s Creature Care has proven to be a necessity in our life. Her carefully chosen pet caregivers are superb. Emily has been the selected one for us. She lives in the same rural community and is fully aware of the needs for our 4 cats and one big dog, Max.

Emily always calls to confirm and likewise we call her to let her know we’re home.
She knows Max is terrified of thunderstorms so she has gone out of her way to be sure he is safe, even in-between scheduled visits. Emily has allowed us to relax and enjoy some time away without concern. Our furry family enjoys her and not having to leave is a huge plus.

When we come home, whether it’s only an evening or a week, all is safe, clean and as if we never left. It can’t get any better.

Dottie from Dearborn:

I have been using Carol's Creature Care service for at least ten years.  First and foremost they are extremely dependable, trustworthy, caring and honest.  I currently have three cats and Darlene has been taking care of them for at least four years. 

My cats are very special to me and they are truly pampered so it is hard for me to leave them; however, in Darlene's care I know that they are not only watered, fed and the litter cleaned, they are petted, brushed, played with and loved. 

Darlene always writes me a little note regarding their attitudes and behaviors that day.  On one occasion Darlene kept in daily contact with me when one of my cats was a little under the weather. 

Darlene and Carol are truly animal lovers and they go out of their way to make sure the pets are well cared for.  Beyond the scope of Darlene's duties she takes in my newspaper, mail and waters my hanging baskets, if needed.  Darlene is very neat and she always cleans the litter area.  But beyond the duties Darlene loves my cats and they love her.  I can truly says that when I am away I am confident that my cats are being WELL cared for and that peace of mind is priceless.

Anne G. from Grosse Ile:

We have been using the services of Carol's Creature Care for three years now, and we couldn't be more pleased with their service.

Our sitter, Nicole, has been conscientious and dependaple, spending time at each visit playing and socializing with our cats. It is evident in the care that she provides that she loves working with animals. She even keeps a daily log of events, so that we know what our kitties have been up to while we were away!

Our cats are very comfortable with Nicole; even our shy cat comes out to visit with her. When our family goes out of town, we can enjoy our vacation knowing that our cats are being well cared for in the comfort of their own home.

We highly recommend Carol's Creature Care, especially services provided by Nicole!

John, Leah, and Daffy Gregory from Dearborn Heights:

For almost 4 years now, Cheryl has been making bi-weekly (and sometimes more) visits for my dog Leah and cat Daffy.

Leah gets a nice walk when the weather permits and Cheryl is always willing to go that extra step to assure their comfort. From putting the air on if the house feels too warm, closing up the windows if rain is moving in, or letting me know if something doesn't seem right.

As I've told her before, to a single person person, their pets are their children and thus their most cherished possessions. It's good to know that as with Carol for my previous pets (she even tended to my pet rats!) and now with Cheryl, they are visited by someone who cares for them like their own. Thanks Cheryl!

Suzanne Upmeyer from Northville:

Kathie has been our pet sitter since 2004.
She is a true animal lover and has cared for our dog in all 4 seasons during dark, cold, windy nights and rainy, hot, humid summer days.

She writes an excellent daily diary of each visit to our home which we can't wait to read when we return. We read it first thing before we answer any phone messages or open the mail. She never hesitates to call us and leave us a message occasionally when we are away to let us know everything is fine. It is very comforting to know that all our pets, including the fish and guinea pig, are in such good care, especially that now our dog is older and needs extra care during her visits.

Thank you Carol and Kathie for providing us such wonderful pet care!

Howard from Dearborn:

Dear Carol,

Thank you very much for helping me out during this time in taking care of my friend, Nikky, (a dog) with such a perfect caregiver and person as Hedi. 

Hedi is such a loving person who feels so deeply for all creatures, human and animal, and gives of herself immensely above and beyond what is required.

That's it!  Thanks!